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Chavah Botanical Spa is a Florida registered corporation.  It was established to provide advanced Aesthetic services. The Chavah plan, includes an innovative Botanical Spa service with the objective of providing advanced herbal and/or organic skin services, including: facials, peels, wraps, hair removal, slimming treatments, and a host of other skin related services.

We are a spa with unique advanced handcrafted facial and body treatment preparations, which are applied by our Aesthetician.

CHAVAH (pronounced "HAVAH") Spa applications, uses the essence of living botanicals and herbs - organic, and wild crafted, along with a proprietary phytonutrient blends of ingredients to create  meaningful  skincare treatments from start to finish. 

Chavah Botanical Spa applications are unique “live” phytonutrient based skincare applications, the majority of which are not bottled, but handcrafted daily on demand and applied to each guest’s skin.

CHAVAH's living treatment of veggies, fruits and herbs is the experience where botanicals meet technology.  Each Chavah proprietary advanced application, delivers potent levels of enzymes, anti-aging antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and other ingredients to penetrate the skin.  

Chavah Botanical Spa provide the following services:

Chavah Organic/Botanical facials
Hair removal using the NuFree system
Ultrasonic Cavitation for breakdown of fat cells
Facial Skin Analysis
Lymphatic detox Drainage
Botanical Body Treatments
Body Wraps & Scrubs

CHAVAH Botanical SPA - "Where botanicals meet technology."