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Let us help you make your special occasion a more memorable one for you and your bridal party.

Chavah Botanical Spa is pleased to offer our Bridal Party Special. What's special about it?  The bride gets her treatment for FREE!

Here is how it works

1. Call us, or submit a request for service from the website.
2. Tell us the size of your party and the wedding date.
3. Select one of our signature Bridal Party treatment package.
4. Have the members of your bridal party download the client form from the website, fill it out, 
    and email it to us.
5. We will prepare an estimate (less the bride's cost of course) and email it to you. 
6. Depending on the package selected and results from the client form, we will develop a custom treatment that best suits the members of your bridal party.
7. You pay for the package
8. We will schedule all the treatments within the time frame agreed upon.

You can select a single treatment for the group, a four visit treatment, or a six visit treatment.

Here is a list of the treatments that are available.

- Melon Berry Botanical Facial
- Luxury Microderm Facial & Melon Frais Body Treatment
- Day - Before Spa Service

*Please note that the Day - Before Spa  treatment is a one treatment package, and is done the day before the wedding.  The type of treatment that is done is based on the specific skin care need of each member of the Bridal Party.
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