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Chavah Botanical Spa gives you an opportunity to get your treatment FREE.

There are two ways this can happen:
1. Host a group
2. Refer us to your friends, and receive credit for each treatment they receive.

                                                                                            HOST A GROUP
Get with a few of your family members, friends, or co-workers and have a night out together. If you organize a group, as the host, your treatment will be free. 

Spa groups can include  family members, friends, classmates, church group members, or co-workers.  Occasions such as graduations, birthdays, anniversaries, job promotions, and other special occasions are perfect for a group package.

A group can only have three (3) people.  It is a 3 hour session, from 7pm - 10pm and can be scheduled from Tuesday - Saturday.

There are three group category treatments available:
A) Group Facials - which include the following approved treatments:
    *Papaya Melon Facial, *Chavah Berry Complexion Facial, *Chavah Anti-Aging Facial, *Back Facial (Basic)
B) Group Body Treatments - which include the following approved treatments:
    *Papaya Melon Body Treatment, *Chavah Berry Complexion Body Treatment

C) Group Body Wrap - which include the following approved treatment:
    *Near Infrared (NIR) Detox Wrap

So here is how it works:
- A host gets her group together.
- They decide which one of the three categories they are opting for.
- Go to the group menu on the website for that category and fill out and submit the booking form, or call us to make the booking. 
- You can pre-pay for the group treatment (less the host amount) on the website,  or pay when you come for your group session.
- Download the client form (one for each person).  Print, fill them out, and email them to us.  (
- We will call the host to confirm that the requested date is available, and find out which of the option each person selected.
- We will send an email to the host with the itinerary details.
- The group shows up on the scheduled date for a GREAT NIGHT OUT TOGETHER!!

                                                                                                 REFER A FRIEND
Tell your family members, friends, classmates, church group members, or co-workers about us.  Give them one of our referral card.

You will be credited for each treatment someone you refer receives. No limit to how much credit you can receive. 

You can then use your credit to pay for your own treatment.

Here is how it works:
- Download the referral form from our website, or collect some referral cards from the spa. You can click the link below to download a copy of the  
- Make copies of the form and hand them out to as many people as you wish.
- When someone you refer comes in for a scheduled treatment, they will hand us the referral form, or the referral card which will show who referred
  them to us.
- We will credit you for their treatment.

Here is how the credit system works

Facials                           $10.00
Body Treatments             $10.00
Chemical Peels               $10.00
Body Wraps                    $10.00
Hair Removal                   $ 5.00

So if five of your friends come in over time and then all receive a facial, your total credit will be $50.00.  You can use this toward any treatment of your choice. 

If your treatment is more, you pay the difference.  If it is less, you keep the credited amount which can be used later.
[Download Referral Form]