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Chavah Botanical Spa is pleased to introduce our group facial package.  Get with a few of your family members, friends, or co-workers and have a night out together. If you organize a group, as the host, your treatment will be free. 

Spa groups can include  family members, friends, classmates, church group members, or co-workers.  Occasions such as graduations, birthdays, anniversaries, job promotions, and other special occasions are perfect for a group package.

A group can only have three (3) people.  It is a 3 hour session, from 7pm - 10pm and can be scheduled from Tuesday - Saturday.

Each facial that is available to members of the group cost $80, and you can chose whichever you like.

Here is a list of the facials that are available for each member of the group to chose from:

*Papaya Melon Facial
*Chavah Berry Complexion Facial
*Chavah Anti-Aging Facial
*Back Facial (Basic)

So here is how it works:
- A host gets her group together
- Fill out and submit the booking form on the website. 
- You can prepay for the group treatment ($160.00) on the website,  or pay when you come for your group session.
- Download the client form (one for each person).  Print, fill them out, and email them to us.  (
- We will call the host to confirm that the requested date is available, and find out which of the facial each person selected.
- We will send an email to the host with the itinerary details.
- The group shows up on the scheduled date for a GREAT NIGHT OUT TOGETHER!!

During the group session, in addition to the actual treatment, the Aesthetician will also go over each person's skin care.  This includes:
* Addressing skin condition
* Discussing the skin products you currently use and evaluate their effectiveness
* Discussing the products best suited for your specific skin condition
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